Mary wrote extensively in her Massachusetts practice, drafting briefs for state and federal trial and appeals courts, continuing legal education manuals and course materials for state, regional and national providers, legal opinions and memoranda involving complex financing transactions for clients and colleagues and a mini-treatise on Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases in the United States for a Japanese bank group.

Mary’s research and writing practice in Montana has covered widely varied areas of law, including negligence and other torts, insurance coverage, jurisdiction and other questions of civil procedure, employment, evidence, zoning, land use and eminent domain, division of property and parenting arrangements in marital dissolutions, criminal law and procedure, civil rights, business disputes, contracts, bankruptcy, intentional torts, and more. Her practice recently has focused on briefs for the Montana Supreme Court on topics including federal taxation, negligence and family law. Mary’s extensive research skills also can ensure that your complaint will withstand a motion to dismiss, your answer will touch all the bases and you are asking for the right materials in discovery. Please click on “Client Reviews” to read references from attorneys you know.

We’ve all been there. When you have been immersed in the facts and law of your case for months, or even years, you may be concerned that you are not telling your client’s story effectively. When it is time for the brief on the dispositive motion, or on appeal, Mary can provide a fresh eye. She will edit your brief to make sure that your hard work is reflected and the end product presents your case thoroughly but concisely. Her background as a journalism major and law review editor also makes her the perfect choice to edit the article you are writing for a legal journal or other publication.